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Motorola Ad – Post Production

Motorola Ad – Behind The Scenes
UX Case Study – Virgin Money

Billboard no. 1


Billboard Design no. 1 – Focusing on the idea of personalization, I created the first billboard ad featuring lots of heavy light streaks, light leaks and post-effects. For both this, and the following billboard design, I created a simple “focused” image version of the background which I then used to mask the screen area of the phone. This portrayed the idea that using the phone feels like a completely different personalized experience, and that the phone simply focuses on essentials, rather than complicated features or selling points.

Billboard no. 2


Billboard Design no. 2 – This is perhaps the design I am most proud of, as not only did it bring me confidence in reaching new heights with my designs, but also allowed me to practice a new, highly complex technique. The light streaks in this photograph are a merged version of over 70 layers, using a “Lighten” blending mode. They were then extracted from their background by using “Difference” and merging the result onto a new layer. This layer was masked to an alpha channel. The end result were separated light streaks that I could add more motion blur to, manipulate colours, and mirror on both sides to create an effect that draws the viewer’s’ eyes.