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Motorola Ad – Post Production

December 8, 2016
Motorola Ad – Behind The Scenes
November 24, 2016
UX Case Study – Virgin Money
March 21, 2018

Billboard no. 1


Billboard Design no. 1 – Focusing on the idea of personalization, I created the first billboard ad featuring lots of heavy light streaks, light leaks and post-effects. For both this, and the following billboard design, I created a simple “focused” image version of the background which I then used to mask the screen area of the phone. This portrayed the idea that using the phone feels like a completely different personalized experience, and that the phone simply focuses on essentials, rather than complicated features or selling points.

Billboard no. 2


Billboard Design no. 2 – This is perhaps the design I am most proud of as not only did it bring me confidence in reaching new heights with my designs, but also allowed me to practice a new, highly complex technique. The light streaks in this photograph are a merged version of over 70 layers, using a “Lighten” blending mode. They were then extracted from their background by using “Difference” and merging the result onto a new layer. This layer was masked to an alpha channel. The end result were separated light streaks that I could add more motion blur to, manipulate colours, and mirror on both sides to create an effect that draws the viewer’s’ eyes.

Web Ad no. 1


Web Ad no. 1 – This was a simple, but very fun to create, web ad for the phone. The core message is targeted directly at iPhone users, which are the most overpaying smartphone customers on the market.

Web Ad no. 2


Web Ad no. 2 – As only making anti-iPhone ads would be boring, I decided to create an ad that also calls out other Android phone manufacturers and their bad bloatware practices. The result was another web ad that conveys a clear and simple message.