Stefan really impressed us with his submission to the first round of LifeStart Challenges from Virgin. [...] He convinced us that he has a holistic understanding of consumer markets and that he knows how to think laterally to meet customer need.

David Hall

Virgin Money

Stefan has shown a lot of initiative in the first few months working with us. He has delivered over and above what's expected of him in his role as Support Exec, planning improvements and executing them well. Teach Your Monster to Read's mission is to help millions of children learn to read, and Stefan takes this on board. He's always thinking about how he can make the biggest impact.

Alex Goss

Usborne Foundation

Stefan is able to deal with matters independently and in a positive way. He shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved. He can take criticism in a positive manner and transforms the feedback into actions. His writing is engaging, full of character, and uses vivid language.

Christin Weigel


Stefan is a dream employee. He’s creative, highly skilled, intelligent and highly motivated. This of course is not easy, being that Stefan works remote, as it requires self-motivation and the attributes of a self-starter. No job is too large or small for Stefan. At all times, he rises to the occasion.

Steve Krause


We have worked with Stefan at our American Information and Business Center Project. [...] He was involved in most of the marketing and all of the creative work. So here's how it went: we have an idea, we polish it, we share it with Stefan and then a small miracle is born, usually way beyond our imagination. I really cannot say enough about his creative vision, angles, capacity and range.

Emanuel Halatchev

American Information and Business Center

Stefan has worked on a huge range of responsibilities including design for emails and web pages, writing compelling copy that supports his excellent understanding of users, and delivering marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Generally speaking: if you have a problem, Stefan has a solution. [...] He has constantly exceeded expectations, not only delivering on assigned tasks to a high standard and quick pace, but introducing ideas and developing brand new tools to improve the team's productivity.

Karl Harker

Packt Publishing