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UX Case Study – Teach Your Monster To Read

June 20, 2018
UX Case Study – Virgin Money
March 21, 2018

The Problem

Teach Your Monster to Read is a phonics app developed by the Usborne Foundation available on the web, Android, and iPhone. The company was quickly growing, and with a user base of millions of players across the world, it faced several challenges regarding the user experience:

  • A queue of over 160 unanswered support queries and counting
  • Lengthy customer support process
  • New product updates rendering quick replies unusable
  • Chaotic understanding of most frequent user issues

My Role

I initially began working as customer support, but quickly broadened my role to assist product management and fully overhaul the customer support process.

I was able to collectively perform these tasks:

  • Overhaul Proposal and Research
  • Mapping
  • Customer Insight
  • Production and Execution
  • Automation Research

Overhaul Proposal and Research

Diving deep into the currently established ecosystem of Teach Your Monster To Read, I created a proposal which outlined my suggestions for overhauling the technical support process and improving the user experience.


A breakdown of all different use cases of the product, and the necessary how-to videos that need to be produced.

Customer Insight

From analysing the incoming messages from our users, I was able to determine which issues customers faced most frequently. Key execution points include:

  • Improving existing reply templates for support tickets
  • Creating a stronger tie-in to the website FAQ, minimizing reply length and introducing customers to FAQ section
  • Prioritizing list of to-dos

Production and Execution

To keep track of work, a Trello Board was created with all tasks due for completion.

Sample Video