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Learning Paths are skill-focused collections of titles, curated by our editorial team. Titles are hand picked with quality, currency, and relevance in mind, and placed in a recommended learning order, at three levels: Getting Started, Improving, and Mastering.

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Projects are short, 2 hour learning episodes with practical outcomes - build an application, or apply a particular skill to solve a problem. Build Skyscanner, forecast the stock market, or build an app with Blockchain.

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Hands-On Machine Learning with OpenCV 4 R Machine Learning Projects Hands-On IoT Solutions with Blockchain

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AI Blueprints Data Analysis with Python Advanced Deep Learning with Keras


Software Architect's Handbook The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python Mastering Reverse Engineering


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Every month, fifty new books and fifty new videos are added to Packt. Follow our new releases roadmap to see what's coming soon in the next few months.

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